Russell Smith is a hydrologist with over 26 years of experience in consulting and research.

Russell has spent his career focused on understanding and assessing the impacts of climate change, land-use, streamflow regulation, and natural disturbance on runoff processes and watershed health. Many of his projects involve extensive hydrological and meteorological monitoring coupled with hydrologic modelling.

Russell Smith, CEO of WaterSmith, holds a Ph.D. in Hydrology from the University of British Columbia. His doctoral research focused on the space-time dynamics of runoff generation in a snowmelt-dominated montane catchment. Russell also earned a Master of Science in Hydrology from Oregon State University, where he investigated the influence of root reinforcements on soil strength and the initiation of static liquefaction in forest soils. He received his Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of British Columbia, with a focus on the recruitment of large woody debris to coastal Alaska headwater streams.