WaterSmith offers a wide range of services to tackle your unique water related challenges.

Runoff & Snowpack Modelling

Using state-of-the-art hydrological modelling, WaterSmith can simulate snowpack and runoff dynamics to understand historical and future flooding, low flows, and snowpack loading. Investigations can account for climate change, land-use development, streamflow regulation, and natural disturbance. Potential applications include real-time operational forecasting, environmental impact assessment, and water supply analysis.

Environmental Assessment

Through hydrologic impact assessment and advanced spatial analysis, WaterSmith can identify risks and develop mitigation strategies related to:

  • Cumulative effects
  • Forestry, mining, & energy development
  • Rural & urban development
  • Wildfire & forest pests
  • Range use
  • Regulated streamflow
  • Climate change
  • Groundwater - surface water interactions

Water Supply & Demand Analysis

Water supply and demand analysis is needed before water licensing or approval to divert water. WaterSmith will characterize your watershed and analyze available hydrological data to estimate the water supply. 

Hydrological & Meteorological Monitoring

At WaterSmith, we offer remote monitoring solutions related to:

  • Streamflow volume and timing
  • Runoff pathways
  • Shallow groundwater patterns
  • Snowpack dynamics
  • Meteorological conditions

Expert Opinion

WaterSmith has provided expert opinions related to:

  • Reconstruction of historical flood levels through runoff modelling
  • Flood mitigation by water supply authorities
  • Structural damage to residential properties from snowpack loading
  • Flood impacts to property owners related to railway construction and maintenance
  • Runoff migration onto private property from adjacent lands